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3 training videos on the "Stop, Drop, & Roll Method" of extinguishing fear and procrastination and taking MASSIVE brave action!

Weekly Live Group Coaching with the Hendrix Team to access your courage and achieve what you want THAT week! You'll get personalized coaching and strategy for whatever you’re trying to achieve. You’ll can get real answers in real time for your real problems. And if you can’t be on the call, it will be recorded if you want to listen, but you never have to catch up. HEADQUARTERS! is all about you and you can jump in wherever and whenever you like.

Office Hours 2 times each week right inside the Facebook HEADQUARTERS! to help you keep moving forward and personalize your wild + brave success adventure. You can ask your questions and we'll answer you in real time! Just like at an office but better (because you get to keep living your life in your town and we get to wear yoga pants!)

1 bite-sized, evidence-based exercise that you can use immediately to create success that month!

The concepts you’ll learn each month are based on the science of human thriving and applicable to anyone, and since we know many of you are leading teams, and you can feel free to share these research-based strategies with your teams. Each month you will have a new success strategy to help your team achieve more! 

Science + Coaching + Leadership = Daily Thriving

Our goal? Helping you, your family, and your teams thrive...every day! We use a combination of science, coaching, and leadership to help you do just that!

Understanding is at the core of thriving...understanding yourself and understanding others. And it doesn't have to be mysterious, complicated, time-consuming, or expensive!


As Certified Human Behavioral Consultants, we use a super-charged, super-updated, and super effective version of the DISC approach to that you can instantly apply to yourself and everyone you meet.


And just like most teams and families we work with, we represent the full spectrum of we aren't just telling you a bunch of things to go off and do...we continually learn and practice Understanding so we can function and flourish on a daily basis. (And look at those smiles: we still like each other!)

Whether you're looking for a game-changing Personality Workshop or you'd like to get started right now with an online Personality Assessment, we've got everything you need!


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OK, so this may sound a little naughty but we promise...this video is scientific AND mom-approved!

Two women working together at home

What does it mean to thrive? It means living life with ease, with intention, and with joy. It means living in understanding - with yourself and those around you. It means going beautiful places and taking others along with you. And although thriving will look different for everyone, there are 5 Scientific Pillars of Human Thriving and 5 Pillars of Authentic Mentoring. Don't worry - there won't be a test and you don't have to research them. We've got you covered.


Our team of certified coaches makes coaching scientific, fun, and all about you!

Whether you want to join a Coaching Group based on your area of greatest need or excitement, or you want to start getting Individual Coaching on a one-on-one basis, we've got the roadmap laid out for you!

Our clients have several things in common...they want to thrive: personally, with their family, and with their team. They value scientific tools and want to live their life with more ease and flourish in their work. They don't trade meaning for success (or vice versa) and they are willing to learn and grow (we personally think they are some of the BEST people on earth!) 

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John Maxwell is famous for saying, “Everything rises and falls on leadership,” and his Laws of Leadership have been transforming individuals, organizations, and entire countries for more than 40 years. John has trained more than 6 million leaders in more than 185 countries and is the best-selling author of more than 75 books. We hope you read some of John's books, but you don't have to read all of them! As Certified John Maxwell Coaches & Trainers, we share John’s Leadership Laws that no individual, family, or team can afford to ignore if they want to thrive.