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This special birthday SHOUTOUT goes to an epic Wild + Brave human, Elaine Harvey!!!! Elaine - today we celebrate your beautiful loving heart, your generous and fun leadership of the people around you, and the way you literally jump into the face of fear are stick the landing!!! We love you and we're so proud of you😘❀️πŸ’ͺπŸ‘ Here's to a fabulous celebration until we can all be together at Harvey's Hacienda! ~ Jeane, Megan, Nick, & Morgan Hendrix

#wildandbrave #awesomehuman #celebrate
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Thank you Hendrix family! YOU are the true gift in my life! ❀

Elaine Harvey - we love you!!!!!

Happy Birthday Elaine!

Stay curious. Nurture your sense of fascination with people and the world. #WildAndBrave #StayCurious #HendrixCoaching #Teambuilding ... See MoreSee Less

Stay curious. Nurture your sense of fascination with people and the world. #WildAndBrave #StayCurious #HendrixCoaching #Teambuilding


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Awwww...I love this! This little girl looks like Megan πŸ˜€

Hahaha - thanks Morgan 😘❀️

1 month ago

Hendrix Coaching & Consulting

Tell Morgan Hendrix how you Play! ... See MoreSee Less

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For me, PLAY = Participating in the Lives of America's Youth. πŸ™‚ Anytime I can go out and play with my kids (or other kids), it's a good day.

I like sandwiches too

I love walking down to our beach In the evening with the boys... we play catch, swing, search for bugs, write In the sand, all with #WineInHand

I love to go out and throw the tennis ball with my dog, officiating lacrosse, cranking up some 90's metal music, etc.

I told my mom snap chat brings me joy hahaha

Volitional is the word of the day.

No wonder my brain hurts!

I think I'm triple that right now Jeane #AtMax

Melissa! You are so much fun!

Dave can dance with the pugs!

Haha me to jeane!

Morgan I totally do that ALLOT

I like to play πŸ™‚

Vivian is #1


Hey hey hey

Yes! Play more to produce more πŸ˜‰

Happy Day to you too my friend!

35,000 a day I think

Woohoo! Doing yoga by the pool #pyoga 🀣

Yay! Dance party!

Watching Vivien's snapchats 🀣

Hey Dave!

Hi Erin!

Hi Neil

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1 month ago

Hendrix Coaching & Consulting

The Wild + Brave Squad -Jeane, Nick, Morgan, & Megan - have soaked up so much inspiration from Melissa West! And we've learned such practical tips and honed REAL-LIFE business skills with THIS HUMAN! If you're wanting to learn WITH the best and have her guide your success, you've gotta check out Melissa's Hot Pursuit Masterclass before enrollment closes in a few hours! #WildAndBraveBuddies

Xtreme Results with Melissa West
Planning on enrolling in my Hot Pursuit Master Class?

Class is about to start, so I absolutely have to close enrollment (because I'm offering a LIVE weekly coaching call bonus). So act NOW!

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Xtreme Results with Melissa West


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Just completed week two's lesson and I am on pins and needles for what she Melissa is going to deliver and challenge us to next week!! WOW...just WOW!!!

Thank you for sharing! I love you people! xoxoxo

1 month ago

Hendrix Coaching & Consulting

Embrace the day. #WildAndBrave #SundayFunday #LifesABeach #SeizeTheDay ... See MoreSee Less

Embrace the day. #WildAndBrave #SundayFunday #LifesABeach #SeizeTheDay


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I will be brave and take this one on! #takeonefortheteam πŸ˜€

You gooooo Morgan Hendrix😘😘

1 month ago

Hendrix Coaching & Consulting

Happy Sunday from Fort Lauderdale Beach! Hop on and tell Morgan Hendrix what you're doing to refresh yourself today! ... See MoreSee Less

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Work - cleaning garage!! - horseback ride.

Thank you for my book!! I'm going to get my haircut


1 month ago

Hendrix Coaching & Consulting

Guys - you know we love having fun and that we get to work with cool people...so funny/blooper videos are GOING to happen! Here's our latest - we're calling it "Funny MO-Moments" because they're from behind the scenes in Camp MO! You'll notice that *ahem* a certain member of our team gets WAY more airtime than everyone else on this video...#WhatDoesThatMean?!?!?
Special thanks to Camp Mo Celebrities and Members who popped into this video (or were mentioned in this video) for making it WAY more fun:
In order of 1st appearance: Mary Hyatt, Rachael Manning, Ryan Holland, Faryn Walker Bardin (AKA "Gunz" AKA #ThatWoman), Carol Oldmixon (Hey Carol!)
...and the Wild + Brave Squad: Jeane, Morgan, Nick, and Megan Hendrix
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Funny MO-ments!


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"These are for Tiffany." Hahahahahaha

Oh my word! I still die with Ryan's hair comment! That was hilarious!!

πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Megan Hendrix you might be my favorite person in the whole world!!!

hahaha about 80% of these are you Megan!!!!

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