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We're a family team of Changeologists, Wild + Brave Coaches, and Work/Travel Buddies who love helping entrepreneurs, leaders, and creators like you thrive on a daily basis. We're here to help you decrease your stress, increase your productivity, and enjoy your life, work, and relationships! We use a combination of science, coaching, and leadership to help you do just that!

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Free Dragon Training Session

Fear is like a DRAGON - learn to RIDE it instead of running away! Want some help finding and facing your fear? Sign up for a FREE Dragon Training Lesson! You'll be amazed what 15 minutes with a Wild + Brave Coach can do!

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In our time together, you'll be able to:

  • Name Your DRAGON (this is the FEAR standing between YOU & Your CASTLE.)
  • Name Your CASTLE (this like a Goal but WAY Simpler and More Important!)
  • STOP dragging your FEARS around with you
  • Start Training Your Dragon so that you can RIDE it to your next CASTLE!

What dragon do YOU need to train to get where YOU want to go?

You really CAN reach the CASTLE if you're brave enough to face the challenge!

Wanna crush your comfort zone & raise money for charity? doTERRA Wellness Advocates, this free group is for YOU! Monthly private trainings & resources - get good doing good!

Our team LOVES working with thousands of doTERRA Wellness Advocates, from Presidential Diamond Leaders to people brand new to the business. In our coaching relationships, training programs, and in-person events around the world, we’ve never met a group of humans we love working with more!

So Now We’re Giving Back to YOU… Every month, right in the Free Facebook Group, we share a brand new, LIVE 30-minute fun-filled training that you can use IMMEDIATELY to help you connect with your own authentic success in your business and life!

For everyone who finishes the LIVE Broadcast with us, the Hendrix Team will PERSONALLY donate $1 to The Adventure Project. 1 Viewer = 1 Dollar! Finish the broadcast with us LIVE and be “Give-Back Buddies” with us and this amazing non-profit that excels at equipping, supporting, and celebrating emerging entrepreneurs in the developing world.

No preparation or payment is required and you can can invite as many friends and team members as you like. You’ll be able to immediately use what we share with you.

There is an amazing group of world-changers like YOU waiting inside the Group right NOW!

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Curious but Cautious? We appreciate that about you...which is why we have a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee for Wild + Brave HQ!

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