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We're a family team of Changeologists, Wild + Brave Coaches, and Work/Travel Buddies who love helping entrepreneurs, leaders, and creators like you thrive on a daily basis. We're here to help you decrease your stress, increase your productivity, and enjoy your life, work, and relationships! We use a combination of science, coaching, and leadership to help you do just that!

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This tiny Box can help you think wild thoughts and take brave action! 

In the Box, you'll find everything you need to go up against 20 science-based challenges, a Wild + Brave Sport Band to keep Wild + Brave at the front of your mind, and even a mini sharpie to check off the challenges as you complete them. It all fits in the little Wild + Brave Box so it can go wherever you do!

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The STOP, DROP, & ROLL (SDR) method is one of the BEST, EASIEST, and MOST FUN tools for living wild + brave! It’s the method each member of the Hendrix Family Team of Changeologists, wild + brave Coaches, & Work Buddies use EVERY DAY! And because it’s based on science, it can help any human get unstuck, move forward with confidence, and get to the good bits faster!

Fear is that #1 opponent to us living wild + brave. And that’s why we created STOP, DROP, & ROLL - not to put out fires but to PUT OUT FEARS!!! To help you Cultivate Courage, BUST through Barriers, and Align with YOUR Internal Authentic Achiever! The 3 Quick + Powerful Videos + 1 Super Cheat Sheet are yours to Rent or Own Today!

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