We're a team like yours: full of different strengths, quirky talents, irritations, and opportunities for happiness and success every day. We take the best techniques from positive psychology and make them fun, interactive, and practical for each person on your team to experience the energizing power of connection.

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11 Things You Should Know Before Working With Us...


  1. We Don’t Take Ourselves Too Seriously. We don’t try to be perfect and we don’t expect you to be either. We take our work and you very seriously but we don’t sweat the small stuff…and we laugh a heck of a lot!
  2. We Love, Value, & Learn from All Humans. We hope this shines through, in everything from how we refuse to resort to stereotyping in our trainings and materials, to how we commit to using diverse images on our posts and programs. This isn’t a veneer put on as an afterthought…it’s at the heart of our approach.
  3. We Play Every Day. Because science, people! It’s the glue that keeps us powering through, even when life is stressful! Joking, cooking, dancing, bowling, traveling, yoga…all the million things that make our hearts sing. We choose to engage in play every single day!
  4. We Believe That People & Teams Are Overtrained + Under-Challenged & Under-Encouraged. You won’t experience coaching, training, or keynotes from us that leave you with just more information. You’ve already got too much of that! We believe your time, teams, and goals deserve more: bite-sized action steps that make big differences…we call these Challenges. They’re at the heart of everything Wild + Brave is about.
  5. We See The Best in You and We Build on That. We ask a lot of questions…and that’s not just because we’re coaches. And it’s not just because we want to know the answers. It’s because we know you have AMAZING answers inside of you. It’s our job to draw them out and clarify and build on them. That’s why you’ll hear us ask things like “What’s strong with you?” “What went well?” “What are you proud of yourself for doing/trying/failing at?”
  6. We Believe in the Beauty and Power of Science. The basis of all of our coaching, training, and keynotes is positive psychology. We believe you deserve researched methods, evidence-based practice, and the finest ideas out there, put into practice for you and your teams. Drawing on positive psychology, behavioral neuroscience, and coaching, we create challenge-based experiences that will put you in the driver’s seat and create lasting positive change.
  7. We Leave Room for What Can’t Be Measured. This includes the role of faith, the power of intuition, your inner voice, and a million other things that color and shape our daily lives.
  8. We Believe That When Humans are Playfully Challenged, There is Nothing They Can’t Accomplish. Knowing that you’re capable of greatness, that you have such goodness inside of you to build on, and acknowledging you deserve more than just information is at the heart of any Wild + Brave Challenge. When you’re living an adventure, only positive, personalized challenges will get you to the next level!
  9. We Love Each Other Well. We’re not faking it. We really love and respect each other. We choose every day to be a team, to speak well of each other, to look for the best in each other, to challenge each other, and to dream together. We view how we treat each other as the most important thing you need to see in order to trust us to work with you and your teams.
  10. We Learn, Adapt, Pivot, Change, and Start Again. We’re always reading, researching, testing, trying, and growing!
  11. We Do This Because We Love It! We love getting to partner with you to create a more Wild + Brave life, team, or organization. We could do other things, but we choose to work with YOU!



The Hendrix Coaching Team offers Wild + Brave Life CoachingInteractive Keynotes, virtual and onsite Wild + Brave Team Breakout Experiences. Meet our family team below and let us know when you're ready to be Wild + Brave.

Jeane Hendrix

Jeane Hendrix

Wild + Brave Coach & Speaker

Registered Nurse. Positive Psychology Devotee. Challenge Content Creator. Travel & People Addict.

Meg Profile Pic

Megan Hendrix

Wild + Brave Coach & Speaker

Wild + Brave Storyteller-in-Residence. Relational Energy Addict. Positive Psychology Explorer. Old Jazz Enthusiast. (Always up for a foxtrot!)

Morgan Hendrix

Morgan Hendrix

Wild + Brave Coach

Wild + Brave Ambassador, Rooftop Tent Camper, National Park Addict, and Latin Dance Enthusiast.