Giving the Gift of Wild + Brave

Give Wild + Brave

What I Want to Give This Year

Since today is one of the biggest buying days of the year, I've been thinking a lot about what it is I'm trying to give people.

More than anything, I want the gifts I give people to make them feel appreciated, understood, valued for who they are...and maybe a little more ready and able to tackle the next things coming up in their lives.

I'd like my gift to help them be brave, and be themselves.

While I will be shopping for shoes and decorations and #AllTheThings, I was reminded today that I already have a tiny gift that is scientifically designed to make any human feel stronger in who they are, and braver to face the world.

It's the Wild + Brave Box.

It's a physical box, stocked with 20 scientific challenges, a mini sharpie to check off each challenge as it's completed, and a Wild + Brave sport band. All the challenges have their roots in the science of Positive Psychology, and were inspired by my trip to visit 30 National Parks in the US and Canada last year. Learn more about the trip and the challenge box in the video below.

You Can Give Wild + Brave Too

I know you're a thoughtful person. You know the people in your life - at home and at work. If you think you'd like to help them be brave, and be themselves, you can get a Wild + Brave Challenge Box too.


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