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Wild + Brave Thanksgiving Challenge

By Morgan Hendrix | 22 November 2017

Whether you’ve got a big turkey dinner planned or not, chances are good you’re planning to do something to acknowledge the holiday tomorrow. And while it’s great that “Thanksgiving Day” gives us in the USA an annual excuse to stop and practice gratitude, it actually can become challenging not to let the day pass us by in busyness.   While I was camping last weekend, I tried to come up with a way to help myself make something special out of this holiday. What I came up with is a fun reflection exercise that anyone can do in about 10 minutes. It leverages several of the laws of positive psychology, and will give a boost to your sense of well-being and meaning in the world, as well as your sense of connectedness and community. Download an easy worksheet to do the Thanksgiving Challenge   Feel free to download and print a copy for yourself and anyone else…

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Wild + Brave Faith

By Jeane Hendrix | 17 November 2017

Wild + Brave Faith We believe that each of us was born with a spiritual adventure stamped on our heart. An adventure that’s bigger than us because it didn’t come from us. This adventure calls us and no matter how successful we are in our business or our relationships, unless we’re chasing our faith adventure, it feels like something’s missing from our lives. Making the intentional choice to pursue that adventure is something we’ve begun to call Wild + Brave Faith. Wild + Brave Faith isn’t about following a religion, or keeping a set of rules. It’s all about awakening the desire in your heart to chase your sacred adventure and live a life of meaning. It’s letting your faith out of the box to become real in your life. It’s wild to think that you were designed for a purpose that is uniquely yours: That you are fully resourced…

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New Things from the Wild + Brave Blog!

By Morgan Hendrix | 15 November 2017

The team here at Hendrix Coaching, and our awesome network of Wild + Brave Ambassadors will be bringing you quick hits of inspiration and information to fuel your wild ideas and bolster your bravery. This blog re-launch is coming in tandem with a whole fresh look on our website, and the launching our most powerful coaching program to date (Wild + Brave Life in 90 Days), as well as a fresh new Team Breakout Experience to help awesome teams capitalize on the most powerful force possible: relational energy. We could wait until the website overhaul is done. We could wait until we’ve got a backlog of great articles already published. We could hide our progress and only advertise our perfection. But that wouldn’t be very Wild + Brave! Instead, I want to invite you along with us. We want to try some things, and begin to connect with you in…

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Why Ideas Die

By Jeane Hendrix | 13 November 2017

We have thousands of ideas each day. Some are good, some are bad, some are just plain ugly…and some are WILD! Wild ideas are possibilities. They aren’t fully formed or even realistic — they’re just wild. Your wild ideas are the “outside of the box ideas:” Ideas of how to innovate, create, and grow. Wild ideas have the potential to change our life — if we capture them. The problem is that wild ideas have a very short shelf life. Unlike fear thoughts or negative thoughts that seem to hang around, wild thoughts come and go faster than a speeding bullet. They’re hard to capture and they’re hard to keep alive. There’s one thing that’s easy about wild ideas, though. They’re easy to kill. There are so many ways to kill a wild idea: We research them to death. We research how, and where, and when, and who. And before we…

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Episode 5: Shut Up Jack!

By Megan Hendrix | 23 February 2017

Welcome to Episode 5 of the “iLiveWild+Brave Show” with bro/sis team Nick Hendrix and Megan Hendrix!  This week we learn that Nick is good at Black Jack but not so great at sharing the goodies with Megan that are brought over from Suriname. Also, this week we broke out a couple of new tools you can use to “jack yourself up” in the moment! Watch to see how you can use “What’s Next?” and also “Shut Up, Jack!” to get you where you want to go this week! You can join LIVE every Tuesday at 2 pm EST on the Hendrix Coaching Facebook Page. You can catch up on all previous episodes in the “Videos” tab of our Hendrix Coaching & Consulting Facebook Page or the Free Resources Page right here on our website. MEGAN HENDRIX Wild + Brave Coach + Speaker Hendrix Team Ringmaster. Relational Energy Expert. Positive Psychology Devotee. Human Thriving Addict. Facebook ㆍ Instagram

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Jeane Hendrix

Wild + Brave Coach & Speaker

Registered Nurse, Positive Psychology Devotee, Challenge Content Creator, & Wild + Brave Trainer.

Megan Hendrix

Wild + Brave Coach & Speaker

Hendrix Team Ringmaster. Relational Energy Expert. Positive Psychology Devotee. Human Thriving Addict.

Nick Hendrix

Wild + Brave Coach & Speaker

Challenge Giver, Wild + Brave Ambassador,  Honorary Surinamese, & Tough Mudder in training.

Morgan Hendrix

Wild + Brave Coach

Wild + Brave Ambassador, Rooftop Tent Camper, National Park Addict, and Latin Dance Enthusiast.

Erin Godin

Erin Godin

Wild + Brave Ambassador

Inspirational Leader, Fitness Enthusiast, Wild + Brave Culture Catalyst, and Chief Energy Officer.

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