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Wild + Brave Coaching Program
WBLife in 90

Wild + Brave your LIFE in 90 days through the power of coaching. Walk through this systematic life overhaul one-on-one with your coach, and walk away with a tangible grip on your strengths, and a clear path to being more effective and fulfilled every day.

In the course of 4 modules, together we will find and optimize your ENERGY, clear your mind by establishing genuine CONFIDENCE, wrangle your life RHYTHM and routines, and embrace a lifestyle of CHALLENGE.

When it is over, you will know how to get and stay powered up; deal with conflict and uncertainty; relate better to yourself and others; and be fully in the driver's seat of your own life.

PRICE: $3,000

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WBLife in 90

Module 1:

Get in control of your energy balance by understanding your strengths, and using who you naturally are to more effectively meet the challenges of your daily life. If you are overwhelmed, stressed, or drained, we will find practical solutions that actually work for your life. It's the first step to a Wild + Brave Life: living filled up. This module even includes scientific strengths and personality testing.

Module 2:

Most of us have a little pile of DECISIONS we've been putting off making for some time. And it's not just the big decisions; sometimes we struggle to make and stick to our decisions so much that we end up re-think and re-making little decisions constantly. In this module we find your decisiveness, and build a foundation of confidence that enlivens every area of your life.  Build real confidence and be ready to face whatever challenge comes next in your life.

Module 3:

Become the master of your environment, intentionally crafting the rhythm of your life. Give yourself the kind of organization and structure you need to live a wild, brave, and free life. Whether you're a solo-preneur or work for a big company; you can be in charge of the world around you. Optimize the physical and interpersonal elements of your world, and stop being at the mercy of the people and circumstances around you.

Module 4:

Every Wild + Brave Life has purpose, and is lived at full volume. Even reserved humans live big lives with deep meaning and high engagement in their work and relationships when they learn to embrace challenge. In this module we assimilate your insights into who you are, clarify your focus on how you want to live out your adventure, and learn how to live the challenge lifestyle.

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Strategic Coaching
Strategic Coaching - Black

If you're highly engaged in your own Wild + Brave goals, you may want the support of a coach, without the structure that the Wild + Brave Life in 90 Days program offers. Instead, you may prefer STRATEGIC COACHING.

Get two powerful coaching sessions every month during which your Wild + Brave Coach can help you improve your own performance, uplevel your thinking, and provide helpful, scientifically-verified techniques for getting farther,  moving faster, and breaking through performance or productivity barriers.

There are no training modules involved, no lengthy contracts. We come alongside you for as long as you need us, secured on a monthly retainer.

In addition to your two monthly coaching calls, your Strategic Coaching Retainer includes what we like to call Wild + Brave Roadside Assistance! Just like roadside assistance protects you when you are trying to get somewhere and encounter unexpected circumstances, having a Strategic Coach provides you the on-demand help to deal with situations when they come up. Just text your coach and get emergency planning or processing support. Your coach will challenge your thinking, brainstorm ideas, and help you with key situations like conflict resolution, teamwork roadblocks, and making the most of unexpected opportunities.

PRICE: $500/month

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The Hendrix Coaching Team offers Wild + Brave Life CoachingInteractive Keynotes, virtual and onsite Wild + Brave Team Breakout Experiences. Meet our family team below and let us know when you're ready to be Wild + Brave.

Jeane Hendrix

Jeane Hendrix

Wild + Brave Coach & Speaker

Registered Nurse. Positive Psychology Devotee. Challenge Content Creator. Travel & People Addict.

Meg Profile Pic

Megan Hendrix

Wild + Brave Coach & Speaker

Wild + Brave Storyteller-in-Residence. Relational Energy Addict. Positive Psychology Explorer. Old Jazz Enthusiast. (Always up for a foxtrot!)

Morgan Hendrix

Morgan Hendrix

Wild + Brave Coach

Wild + Brave Ambassador, Rooftop Tent Camper, National Park Addict, and Latin Dance Enthusiast.

Ready for Your 30-Minute “Find Your Wild + Brave NOW” Session with One of Our Coaches?

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If you’d like to see if Wild + Brave Coaching is the right fit for you, we invite you to book a free 30-minute session with one of our coaches. 


  • We’ll work together to create a crystal-clear vision for the kind of success you'd like to have
  • You’ll uncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your thinking, success, happiness, and relationships
  • And you’ll leave the session renewed, reenergized and inspired to crowd out the ordinary and live and work Wild + Brave!

There’s no obligation when you have this call. And you won’t just hear us tell you about ourselves and pitch coaching….we want to hear about you and what wakes you up at night and what gets you going in the morning! You don’t need to “prepare” for this call - we’ll show you what a session is like by asking you questions and being in the moment with you.

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What Our Clients Say

Here's what some of the awesome people we've gotten to work with think of our team and Wild + Brave:

John Hawkins

John Hawkins

Building Effective Leaders

"Megan is THE BEST! The first time I spoke with Megan, I was amazed at her insights and wisdom. She knew what questions to ask and brought instant value to my life and my situations!

I HIGHLY recommend Megan if you want the BEST in your corner! You will be as happy as I am with what she brings to the table!"

"Nick Hendrix is one of the best coaches I have ever had the privilege of working with. His integrity is the first thing you recognize the moment you meet him. His life experiences and wisdom are incredible. He is a great listener and gives you the tools to handle any opportunity that may come your way. I highly recommend him. You will be impressed and everyone will notice the impact he has had on you."

Renee Warner

Renee Warner

doTERRA Wellness Advocate

"My personal life and business life have improved in leaps and bounds from my coaching with Morgan! Her unmatched ability to give wisdom, guidance, Love, and encouragement have helped me to overcome those obstacles that were holding me back from achieving my true potential. Morgan does not give me the answer, but leads me to the point I can realize it on my own! She has this knack of listening like no other and her wealth of knowledge in the Coaching field cannot be beat! The insight she has led me to in myself, the confidence she has helped me to gain, and practical steps she has given me to improve myself are priceless. The program we are working through together is one that everyone can use no matter the field or need. I highly recommend you scheduling your first coaching session with Morgan right away, you will forever be grateful!"

Mandy Rowland

Mandy Rowland

doTERRA Leader ㆍ Hobby Farmer
Mandy Rowland

"Working with Morgan is one of the best decisions I have ever made. She is a great support. Not only is she a great coach and has helped me overcome blocks in my business, she is kind and funny, dependable and customizing in her approach.

Morgan is always encouraging in the way she goes about her coaching and is great at asking the right questions to move you forward."

Pamela Tripp

Pamela Tripp

"From the bedside as a compassionate registered nurse to center stage as a passionate speaker, Jeane Hendrix encourages her audiences by sharing life experiences. Her words will motivate, challenge and compel her listeners to look beyond their ordinary circumstances to find their greater purpose and passion.

Jeane values people offstage as a professional coach, supporting her clients in their navigation and discovery of a full and blessed life."

"Morgan Hendrix is a brilliant coach who is committed to serving and empowering people to live their best lives.

I highly recommend Morgan as a coach and leader to work with. Her skill and depth is a win for anyone wanting to find their greatness. "

Rejean Germain

Rejean Germain

High Fidelity Studios

"Awesome people with a positive, genuine, passionate outlook on coaching and life!"

Faryn Bardin

Faryn Bardin

Nurse Practitioner

"This is such an amazing group of people that challenge and support you right where you are."

Ready for Wild + Brave?

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