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Schedule your 15-Minute 1-on-1 Power Coaching whenever you want! You'll get Wild + Brave Coaching and strategy for whatever you’re trying to achieve. You’ll get real answers in real time for your real problems. 


Daily Focus Tool

 Daily Success FOCUS Tool!

You can use this 1-page, bite-sized, evidence-based tool EVERY DAY to propel you towards engagement, success, and connection. This tool is scientifically designed to make you more CONFIDENT and EFFECTIVE in just 5 minutes a day! 

Weekly Happy Hour

Weekly Wild + Brave Happy Hour

This is strictly BYOB (bring your own BRAVE ... and whatever you like to drink!) We'll help you keep moving forward and personalize your wild + brave success adventure. We’ll be answering your real questions in real time, helping you execute your brave actions, and have fun doing it.

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This is where it all happens! Everything you need on the platform you're already using every single day! Who needs another login or membership site? Stay connected to us and other Wellness Advocates who are living Wild + Brave in one place.

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Join Headquarters Today to get 15 min power coaching sessions whenever you want them, weekly happy hour group video coaching, and the daily focus tool that will improve your results in just 5 minutes a day!


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"I’m loving Wild + Brave Headquarters! Nick Hendrix, Morgan Hendrix, Megan Hendrix and Jeane Hendrix are AWESOME!!!!

Get in on this if you CAN! This team is so uplifting in teaching you to achieve your goals without becoming crazy in your brain or lost in personal development! Sometimes I find myself (after reading so many personal development books) constantly second guessing my every thought.

These amazing people are DRIVEN, POSITIVE AND LOVING! They are ready to make a difference and help you do it too!”

 "Part of what I think helped me reach a new rank in my doTERRA business is being part of wild + brave Headquarters!

Thank you Jeane, Megan, Morgan, Nick, and my wild + brave Headquarters friends! You guys were so encouraging - even when I was freaking out. You guys were so supportive, especially the way you helped me talk through things. You were a huge, huge support to that accomplished goal. ”

"I just want to let everyone know how much I love the Hendrix Coaching & Consulting team and the Wild & Brave Headquarters!!

This is such an amazing group of people that challenge and support you right where you are.”

wild + brave HEADQUARTERS! Membership

Fear Less, Do More, Have Fun...TOGETHER!


And the best news is that wild + brave Headquarters is not a bootcamp; it’s a powerful and safe place for you to stretch your limits at your own pace, to enjoy your life, and thrive in your work.

We as humans are at our best when we are fueled in 4 Quadrants of thriving. We give you access to cutting-edge research in bite-sized doses that you can use right away that will help you easily fuel you while giving you the focus and courage to move towards your goals every day.


Fear Less