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Jeane Hendrix

I LOVE being a Wild + Brave Coach & Speaker with my team!

I think they are pretty great....but I did grow them myself 😉

Of all the businesses I've started, ventures I've tried, careers I've tested out, nothing compares with getting to be a Wild + Brave Coach and help other humans tap into the power of science + mini challenges to transform their own lives!

I'm our Researcher in Residence (it just sounds cool, right?) That means I spend long hours in front of the computer, in libraries, and connecting with amazing scientists, researchers, and writers to bring the best and freshest evidence-based ideas and interventions to our Wild + Brave humans! 

But I love nothing more than getting to connect with you all, on Facebook Live, at conferences, on team calls, and in coaching relationships to help make the research come ALIVE! After all, you don't need just more need a fun CHALLENGE to get you going in a new direction!


Working with the Guatemalan Airforce



I love digging deep into the original studies, connecting with scientists and writers, and understanding where positive psychology, behavioral neuroscience, and so many other fields are taking us!

Then I get to do the fun part: breaking the big picture into tiny, evidence-based action steps and challenges for Wild + Brave humans to use in their lives, relationships, and businesses!

Wanna see this in action? Join us for our Monthly Wild + Brave Masterclasses! They are completely free (and no pitches or "offers" either), really fun, and challenge-based. They all take place on our Facebook Page so click here to "Like" us so you'll get notified when we're Live!


Speaking to Coaches from Around the Globe

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Learning from my favorite Leadership Mentor: John Maxwell


Speaking to Nurses


Global Un-Trainer

Humans don't need more information....they need to be able to take tiny action steps to make big differences in their daily lives! And that's where our Un-Training Experiences come in.

Whether your work team flies us in to do an on-site Relational Energy Experience (that comes with it's own Challenge Boxes for everyone!) or whether you're part of one of our Virtual 30-Day Wild + Brave Experiences, we LOVE bringing out the best in you by helping you do what you ALREADY want to do...and making it fun!


Co-Creator of Virtual Challenge Camp Mo


Co-Creator of Custom OrangeTheory Fitness Challenge Experiences

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Wild + Brave Monthly Masterclass Designer


Travel Addict

My love of travel began very early...the first time I got on an airplane on my way to college, I was HOOKED! I even left university to take my dream job with the was pure magic.

Even when I moved on to start other businesses and homeschool my kids, I never lost my wanderlust. I made sure that our school year and curriculum allowed us to traverse the entire country while learning in a hands-on way together. To this day, those trips are some of our favorite family memories.

Now I'm so grateful that I get to travel to meet Wild + Brave humans doing wonderful things all over the world!


Captiva Island is a sanctuary


Guatemala has a piece of my heart


The call of adventure!


Being a Mom is my FAVORITE!

There's not a day I wake up that I'm not immediately grateful and in awe of the gift of getting to be life-buddies and work partners with my kids. They are my best teachers and friends.

What I'm most proud of is co-creating the Wild + Brave Movement with my partners: in crime, in life, in work, in everything.

My daughters Megan and Morgan each bring something unique that I'd be lost without...we know how lucky we are and we work every day at being better and kinder with each other. (My son is awesome too....we love him while he works on other projects and ventures.)


Hanging out with Megan

The Hendrix Squad

Family Time


Coffee + Water + My Girls


Having Fun with Morgan

A Curious Coach


More than anything, I am insatiably curious. Curious about what makes us tick as humans, how to care for ourselves, each other, and our planet in a more Wild + Brave way. There is so much to learn and life is always changing....that's why we've got to keep growing!

That's the beauty of Wild + matter where we are and what our greatest need or greatest area of fascination, we all can jump to light speed and get where we want in a more mindful, kind, sustainable way by Thinking Wilder Thoughts, and taking Braver Action.

There's something I know about you: you're already better than you know. You have such beautiful capacity for making a difference for yourself and those you love. We're not here to change you, we're here to CHALLENGE you!

And that's why I became a Coach....and why being a Wild + Brave Coach is the greatest thing ever! By asking you curiosity-based questions, providing a safe and nurturing space, I just help draw out the answers you already possess! I help you think wild thoughts, so we can create tiny brave action steps (or CHALLENGES) together....and then watch you SOAR!


Are you ready to be more Wild + Brave? Contact us today!