New Things from the Wild + Brave Blog!

Wild + Brave Blog

The team here at Hendrix Coaching, and our awesome network of Wild + Brave Ambassadors will be bringing you quick hits of inspiration and information to fuel your wild ideas and bolster your bravery.

This blog re-launch is coming in tandem with a whole fresh look on our website, and the launching our most powerful coaching program to date (Wild + Brave Life in 90 Days), as well as a fresh new Team Breakout Experience to help awesome teams capitalize on the most powerful force possible: relational energy.

We could wait until the website overhaul is done.

We could wait until we've got a backlog of great articles already published.

We could hide our progress and only advertise our perfection.

But that wouldn't be very Wild + Brave!

Instead, I want to invite you along with us. We want to try some things, and begin to connect with you in new ways. None of the busywork behind the scenes matters if we aren't actually helping our friends and clients live more Wild + Brave every day.

But we need to hear from you. If you see something that excites you - tell us! If you like a new direction we explore, or resonate with a topic we discuss, we need to know! That will let us know to bring you more things like the ones that actually matter to you.

I could tell you about the awesome article on Millennials in the Workplace we've got coming from Wild + Brave Ambassador Erin Godin, or the powerful insights for inoculating your culture against bullying and sexual harassment coming from the very Wild + Brave Megan Hendrix. 

I could promise you that very exciting things are coming.

And all that would be true.

Because the Wild + Brave Blog is back, and better than ever!

Stay tuned, and speak up. We want to know what you think!

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