The STOP, DROP, & ROLL! method is one of the BEST, EASIEST, and MOST FUN tools for living wild + brave! It’s the method each member of the Hendrix Family Team of Changeologists, wild + brave Coaches, & Work Buddies use EVERY DAY! And because it’s based on science, it can help any human get unstuck, move forward with confidence, and get to the good bits faster!

Fear is that #1 opponent to us living wild + brave. And that’s why we created STOP, DROP, & ROLL - not to put out fires but to PUT OUT FEARS!!! To help you Cultivate Courage, BUST through Barriers, and Align with YOUR Internal Authentic Achiever!

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3 training videos on the "Stop, Drop, & Roll Method" of replacing fear and procrastination with focused action!

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 Scientifically proven tips and techniques from a family team of coaches who’s purpose is to help YOU live wild + brave starting right now!

"Hendrix Family - Jeane, Morgan, Megan, Nick - you guys are so inspiring! Thank you for your ability to bring clarity and simplicity to the sometimes muddled mind of this momtrepreneur. You guys are the best. ♥♥♥”

Karly Morgan-Smith


"Morgan, Nick, Megan, & Jeane Hendrix, THANK YOU so much! I’m just completely blown away and grateful for your generosity toward us! ♥ I have learned so many new things - this has been life-changing for me." - Rebecca LeCompte



"Such an inspiring, positive and fun training and I am so thankful!" ♥ Jennifer Schiller



"So good! Thank you!" - Rebecca Smith


"Fantastic training and so true. Lots of wisdom shared!" - Pamela Tripp



"Love this, Nick Hendrix! I love learning from you!" - Audrey Moralez


"This was great and thank you for showing up for us! I love the simplicity of STOP, DROP, & ROLL! and the way you do not complicate it."- Isabel Calkins 




"So blessed to be part of this journey with you all, thank you for making us feel like part of the family! Hugs and love to you all!" - Barbara Valentine Gustavson




"This has been an exciting journey. So grateful for the Hendrix Family growing and stretching me!" #blessed #abetterversionofme #growth - Patty Kay Hanrath


"Nick!!!!! Everything you share is so FREEING and EMPOWERING because you give us permission to be wholly ourselves. You remind us that we are unique and we each have value, so we get to define our goals, our focus, our successes, and our wins. It’s just so fabulous! I’m so grateful for you!" - Lindsay Trull



Would you like to have more success and more confidence in your life and in your business?

Would you like to feel like you have the tools to whip out at a moment’s notice when things are headed south to save the day?

Are you tired of trying to figure out how to act boldly, feel brave, exude confidence, and enjoy your life? Well, then you need the scientific techniques + encouragement + the expert coaching videos to make this happen for you!

You don’t have to leave home to live wild + brave. You don’t have to save up or go on vacation to experience the thrill of living on the edge of awesome. Each of us can live our wild + brave life right where we are…right now!

But to get started on that wild + brave life, we all have to STOP, DROP, & ROLL! ARE YOU READY?!?!?!?!?!

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The 3 Step Method to Extinguish FEARS, Think Wild Thoughts, and Take BRAVE New Action!

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Wishing wild + brave success,

Jeane, Nick, Megan, & Morgan Hendrix