Our MOST-REQUESTED, EASIEST, and MOST FUN technique for living Wild + Brave! It's the Self-Coaching Tool that will help you:

  • Turn your wild ideas into brave action in 5 minutes or less
  • Turn up the heat on your personal motivation so you’re accomplishing YOUR goals instead of serving everyone else’s
  • IMMEDIATELY SHUT OFF Fear thoughts
  • INSTANTLY engage power thoughts
  • See long-term destructive patterns and STOP them in their tracks in moment
  • Become your own YOU-whisperer in 3 steps
  • STOP automatic fear thoughts and limiting beliefs; DROP old mindsets and baggage; ROLL your dreams forward EVERY day!

We'd say it's magic but it's something better...it's science...in an app!  

Start Getting These Results NOW!

You can Rent or Buy Stop, Drop, & Roll! (Hey, if you can Rent Harry Potter, we think you should be able to Rent this!)

If you Rent, you can stream your 3 videos. If you Buy, you can stream OR download your 3 videos!


You can even use our cool free app (iOS and Android) so that you can "Stop, Drop, & ROLL!" wherever you go! (Don't worry - you can you can use your web browser too!)


You might be thinking: this sounds too good to be true. If it were this easy, wouldn’t everyone do it? If it were this powerful, wouldn’t I be hearing everyone talk about it?

Well, you’re not alone…when we began researching this technique, we kept looking for problems and flaws.

And when we finally let the incredibly thorough research speak for itself, we realized we had something bite-sized to share with our wild + brave humans. Something you can put in your pocket but will live in your brain and heart. It has become our #1 most-requested, highest-rated tool or technique in ANY setting. It’s like magic but it’s better…it’s science. Incredibly thoroughly researched. Powerful enough that Fortune 500 CEOs insist on doing. Simple enough that elementary school kids enjoy doing it. So what are you waiting for? Get it now, gift it now!

To Rent or To Buy?

Let's say you KNOW you want "Stop, Drop, & Roll!" for yourself. But you might be wavering between renting and buying. We’re the same way! (There’s always that moment before renting a movie on Amazon Instant Video where we weigh the pros and cons of renting vs owning. And usually, we end up renting...)

But there are some cases where we buy:

1) When we know we're going to want to be able to rewatch it on any device.

2) When they’re running deals where the purchase is less than $10.

So for 2018, we dropped the purchase price from $29.99 to $9.99. Yep, for less than $10, you (or the lucky human you gift it to) will be able to download or stream on ANY device and enjoy it forever. Please note that if you want to GIFT this to anyone, its can ONLY BE DONE WHEN BUYING. You'll see the little gift icon right next to the email address when you've selected "Buy" and it's that simple! 

If you’re still in the renting SDR, no worries - we made a deal for you too… SDR is now only $2.99 to rent!


Give The Gift of Wild + Brave...in 30 Seconds!

You might be thinking...

- This is something I need my kids to start doing!

- This is something I wish my teammates and I could put into practice in the New Year.

- I wish I had something of meaning and true value I could gift for my friend's birthday with a click of a button….

That’s the great news about this tool! Gifting it digitally is even simpler than buying something on Amazon! And unlike Amazon, you can actually give digital video…. 3 short videos + cheat sheet ready to go! Just click the little gift icon in the email field when the purchase prompt pops up!

(PS: if you don't see the gift icon, you've probably selected "Rent" instead of "Buy" so just switch that and you should be all set!)

If you have any questions or problems, just shoot us an email at info@hendrixcoaching and we'll help you get everything sorted out!

"Hendrix Family - Jeane, Morgan, Megan, Nick - you guys are so inspiring! Thank you for your ability to bring clarity and simplicity to the sometimes muddled mind of this momtrepreneur. You guys are the best. ♥♥♥”

Karly Morgan-Smith


"Morgan, Nick, Megan, & Jeane Hendrix, THANK YOU so much! I’m just completely blown away and grateful for your generosity toward us! ♥ I have learned so many new things - this has been life-changing for me." - Rebecca LeCompte



"Such an inspiring, positive and fun training and I am so thankful!" ♥ Jennifer Schiller



"So good! Thank you!" - Rebecca Smith


"Fantastic training and so true. Lots of wisdom shared!" - Pamela Tripp



"Love this, Nick Hendrix! I love learning from you!" - Audrey Moralez


"This was great and thank you for showing up for us! I love the simplicity of STOP, DROP, & ROLL! and the way you do not complicate it."- Isabel Calkins 




"So blessed to be part of this journey with you all, thank you for making us feel like part of the family! Hugs and love to you all!" - Barbara Valentine Gustavson




"This has been an exciting journey. So grateful for the Hendrix Family growing and stretching me!" #blessed #abetterversionofme #growth - Patty Kay Hanrath


"Nick!!!!! Everything you share is so FREEING and EMPOWERING because you give us permission to be wholly ourselves. You remind us that we are unique and we each have value, so we get to define our goals, our focus, our successes, and our wins. It’s just so fabulous! I’m so grateful for you!" - Lindsay Trull



Meet the Coaches Behind "Stop, Drop, & ROLL!"

The Hendrix Coaching Team offers Wild + Brave Life CoachingInteractive Keynotes, virtual and onsite Wild + Brave Team Breakout Experiences. Meet our family team below and let us know when you're ready to be Wild + Brave.

Jeane Hendrix

Jeane Hendrix

Wild + Brave Coach & Speaker

Registered Nurse. Positive Psychology Devotee. Challenge Content Creator. Travel & People Addict.

Meg Profile Pic

Megan Hendrix

Wild + Brave Coach & Speaker

Wild + Brave Storyteller-in-Residence. Relational Energy Addict. Positive Psychology Explorer. Old Jazz Enthusiast. (Always up for a foxtrot!)

Morgan Hendrix

Morgan Hendrix

Wild + Brave Coach

Wild + Brave Ambassador, Rooftop Tent Camper, National Park Addict, and Latin Dance Enthusiast.