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Wild + Brave Team Challenge Experiences

Give your team the breakout experience that helps them deeply connect, fully engage, and bring their best energy to work every day. This challenge-based breakout takes place in your office and can be done in the space of a team meeting. For multi-site teams, ask us about virtual breakout experiences.

A simple infusion of Wild + Brave can take the team you have now and unlock their best performance. Participants also receive a 30 Day Challenge Box to make it easy to applying the concepts to their daily work. This way, a quick onsite can have lasting impact on your team culture.

We love teams. The best things in life happen in partnerships and connection as a team. And most teams are full of good people who are overtrained, but underchallenged. If you have a good team, make sure you keep challenging them!

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60-Minute On-Site + 30-Day Challenge Box

Book our #1 On-Site Team Breakout Experience: THE RELATIONAL ENERGY CHALLENGE EXPERIENCE.

Even the best teams out there need regular infusions of energy and inspiration in order to consistently succeed. 

We'll guide you and your team - right in your office - through 60 minutes of scientifically based, seriously fun, interactive challenges to tap into the power of Relational Energy. And that's just the beginning....we leave you with the Wild + Brave Team Challenge Box so that you can continue building Relational Energy together for 30 days! 

All-Inclusive PRICING: $99/participant


Erin Godin - Wild + Brave Ambassador
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In this Wild + Brave new era of entrepreneurship, explosive growth, and technology, teams have to relate to one another in new and innovative ways.

Some teams are spread across the globe, others are made of solopreneurs teaming together to pursue a dream. Some are simply located too far for us to give weekly on-site training you might desire.

Everything we offer onsite is also available in a virtual format. Wild + Brave Challenge Box Experiences (Like WOOP Your Team into Shape in 30 Days) are frequently modified to include virtual training support items like universal microphones, free video conferencing, and even video archiving options to accommodate the occasional team member who is forced to miss a huddle. 


We're not for everyone.

We're here for the cool teams. The good teams. Teams ready for a challenge.

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The Hendrix Coaching Team offers Wild + Brave Life CoachingInteractive Keynotes, virtual and onsite Wild + Brave Team Breakout Experiences. Meet our family team below and let us know when you're ready to be Wild + Brave.

Jeane Hendrix

Wild + Brave Coach & Speaker

Registered Nurse. Positive Psychology Devotee. Challenge Content Creator. Travel & People Addict.

Meg Profile Pic

Megan Hendrix

Wild + Brave Coach & Speaker

Wild + Brave Storyteller-in-Residence. Relational Energy Addict. Positive Psychology Explorer. Old Jazz Enthusiast. (Always up for a foxtrot!)

Morgan Hendrix

Wild + Brave Coach

Wild + Brave Ambassador, Rooftop Tent Camper, National Park Addict, and Latin Dance Enthusiast.

Erin Godin

Wild + Brave Trainer + Speaker

Chief Energy Officer, Athlete and Fitness Enthusiast, Team Culture Catalyst, and Wild + Brave Trainer.


Here's what some of the awesome people we've gotten to work with think of our team and Wild + Brave:

"Nick Hendrix is one of the best coaches I have ever had the privilege of working with. His integrity is the first thing you recognize the moment you meet him. His life experiences and wisdom are incredible. He is a great listener and gives you the tools to handle any opportunity that may come your way. I highly recommend him. You will be impressed and everyone will notice the impact he has had on you."

Pamela Tripp

Pamela Tripp

"From the bedside as a compassionate registered nurse to center stage as a passionate speaker, Jeane Hendrix encourages her audiences by sharing life experiences. Her words will motivate, challenge and compel her listeners to look beyond their ordinary circumstances to find their greater purpose and passion. Jeane values people offstage as a professional coach, supporting her clients in their navigation and discovery of a full and blessed life."

Josh Schneider

Josh Schneider

Speaker + Culture Consultant

I recently launched an annual leadership event that featured several world class speakers including multi million dollar real-estate developer turned philanthropist Jedidiah Thurner and celebrity business icon Les Gold.

I asked Nick Hendrix not only to manage my event, but to come in a few days early to help mentally and physically prepare me for launching my largest project to date. His innovation, clarity and commitment helped steady the ship during the 11th hour when my team and I could have lost our way.

Nick helped keep me in my strength zone working with and through my team to help us succeed in making my event a memorable achievement.

Nick has worked across the world, and is fast becoming a master thinking partner whose clients look to him for his ability to add value tailored specifically to their problem or opportunity for growth. I'm looking forward to working with him again in the future, it was a lot of fun.

"Morgan Hendrix is a brilliant coach who is committed to serving and empowering people to live their best lives.  I highly recommend Morgan as a coach and leader to work with. Her skill and depth is a win for anyone wanting to find their greatness. "

Rejean Germain

Rejean Germain

Awesome people with a positive, genuine, passionate outlook on coaching and life!

Faryn Bardin

Faryn Bardin

Nurse Practitioner

"This is such an amazing group of people that challenge and support you right where you are."

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