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Hi - Welcome to The Empowered Mentor!

Our team has been coaching and training hundreds of doTERRA wellness advocates in the last year. And every single person we have worked with has had this same burning question:

“How do I become a mentor that empowers my people to succeed? And how can I do that and still do everything else my team is counting on me for?!?” 

So we decided to create simple mentorship lessons, that:

  • Focus on issues YOU and your doTERRA teams face
  • Require ZERO prep time for you
  • Drastically improve your success and the success of your team!

Do you feel overwhelmed and stressed when prepping for your team calls?

We get it! Creating a team that is self-motivated, confident, and successful requires a lot of effort...when you are trying to do it all yourself!

We know you want to be a leader who creates a team that is self-motivated, confident, and successful. You want to give your team your best while still building your business, loving your family, and growing as a person! That is what The Empowered Mentor can give you: encouragement, resources, confidence, and time!

We have created Empowered Mentor lessons for you to share with your team. These lessons take tough topics and tricky questions and let you tackle them as a team - without you having to write one single word.

Each of The Empowered Mentor lessons are tailored specifically for you and include:

  • An audio recording of the script, read for you by coach and author Nick Hendrix,
  • A word-for-word script so you can deliver the message to your team like a pro,
  • An email template that you can personalize in 2 seconds that recaps the lesson and follows up in a positive way with your team...even if they weren't able to be on your call.


Ready to start enjoying building your team again?

Start Simply, Start Today

These lessons will give you great content to help you and your team get a head start! You don’t have to spend a lot of money on a big, time-consuming program; you can simply purchase the lesson that you want to start with.


These lessons will give you great content to help you and your team get a head start! You don’t have to spend a lot of money on a big, time-consuming program; you can simply purchase the lesson that you want to start with.

In addition to streaming and downloading the audio and PDFs on your computer, you can take these awesome lessons with you wherever you are in our handy Gumroad App! With this app (iPhone/iPad, Android) you can also choose to download for offline use. 

So go ahead, and give one a try! Let us help you shine as a leader and mentor!

The way you start a conversation or communication determines the outcome of that interaction. If you want people to be open to your message, if you want your builders to be creative and resilient in the business, then you HAVE to start using Positive Power Leads.

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COMING SOON: More lessons you'll be able to use to build your team:

The Art of Getting a Few Things Done

The Best Way to Get Unstuck

Possibility Thinking

Overcoming the "Shame" of Selling

Conversations That Sell

You've got this!

A little bit about us...

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Mentoring has made the greatest difference in our lives and in our business. - Nick Hendrix & Morgan Hendrix

Nick Hendrix and Morgan Hendrix are Certified Coaches and Human Behavior Consultants, who just happen to be brother and sister and love working together.


Nick and Morgan are both currently being mentored by the #1 Leadership Expert in the World, Dr. John C. Maxwell. They love taking what they learn from John and their many other mentors and using it to help empower their clients to mentor their teams.


Nick and Morgan work with many companies and clients, but have a special place in their heart for doTERRA Wellness Advocates. Their doTERRA clients vary in rank from Premier to Blue Diamond, but they all want to lead and succeed with integrity, empower their people, and enjoy their lives and work. Nick and Morgan love helping them make that happen!