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Stop Drop Roll

This digital resource includes 3 video modules, and a time-saving cheat sheet to get unstuck from any mental roadblock.

The Stop, Drop + Roll method is one of the BEST, EASIEST, and MOST FUN tools for living Wild + Brave! It’s the method each member of the Hendrix Family Team uses EVERY DAY! And because it’s based on science, it can help any human get unstuck, move forward with confidence, and get to the good bits faster!

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DISC Features (1)

Take the scientific DISC Personality Assessment to learn about what drives you, how you can naturally connect with others with ease, and improve relationships of every kind. Completing the assessment takes only a few minutes.

The Assessment Report is easy to understand, packed with success tips you can use immediately. Ask about Workshops and Mastermind Groups to unpack what you learn further, and Relational Reports that chart the personalities in a group together!

5 to Thrive

If you're like most of us, you want to DECREASE your stress, INCREASE your productivity and creativity, and THRIVE at home and work.

This brand new free guide will help you identify new ways (that you can start using immediately!) to help your family thrive in just a few moments a day.

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