Wild + Brave Thanksgiving Challenge

Thanksgiving Challenge
Whether you've got a big turkey dinner planned or not, chances are good you're planning to do something to acknowledge the holiday tomorrow. And while it's great that "Thanksgiving Day" gives us in the USA an annual excuse to stop and practice gratitude, it actually can become challenging not to let the day pass us by in busyness.
While I was camping last weekend, I tried to come up with a way to help myself make something special out of this holiday. What I came up with is a fun reflection exercise that anyone can do in about 10 minutes. It leverages several of the laws of positive psychology, and will give a boost to your sense of well-being and meaning in the world, as well as your sense of connectedness and community.
Feel free to download and print a copy for yourself and anyone else who might want to take the challenge with you! Maybe you've been looking for something new to do as a family during the festivities. Maybe this year, while the turkey is settling, you can take the Thanksgiving Gratitude Challenge together. 
One thing we know for sure: 

People who conquer challenges together, grow closer together. 

If you want a buddy to do it with, join me on the Hendrix Coaching Facebook Page at 10:00 am Eastern on Thanksgiving Morning. I'll be broadcasting live on Facebook as I walk through it, and give tips and pointers for making it extra super duper beneficial. 
Maybe you just want to hop on and tell me Happy Thanksgiving! I'd love to see you! Catch me live or share your thoughts on the replay.



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